Binaire Opties Portaal Pledge

We, the Binaire Opties Portaal team, owners and webmasters of pledge to follow United States Federal Government’s Code of Conduct set forth by CFTC-RESPECT.ORG. To establish and maintain highest level of standards in disclosing the warnings and risks involved in Binary Options trading to all my visitors. To advise traders to sort out legal advise, disclose limitations and implications in the binary options trading. To be transparent about this information on my website, either as a Disclaimer, Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions in the footer. I have taken this pledge on September 15, 2015 and reflective of from this date on going forward.

All of the information in my pledge is correctly filled and I have publicly displayed all information required. I agree that I may need to change any information if asked to stay in accordance with any new/changed laws that may come. I agree to have my CFTC-RESPECT.ORG badge hyper-linked to prove verification.